Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

CTM is a user friendly platform, but for any questions that may arise we have up-to-date user manuals with a list of FAQs that you are able to access after logging in to the platform. These can be found in the sidebar of the platform. For any technical issues, you can always contact our technical support team on 0330 678 1503.
CTM is completely free to register for all users.

Sponsor organisations can use all features of the platform completely free of charge.

Training providers will be charged 5% of the value of the training courses booked through CTM enquiries.

It is your responsibility to let us know within 10 working days of the course ending whether a course turned into a booking or not by uploading the course outcomes.

If you do not do this, we will assume that they all turned into bookings and you will be charged for all enquiries against that course.
Yes! CTM is completely free of charge for sponsor organisations and is a great way to connect with new or existing preferred suppliers.

If you have providers on your preferred supplier list, please let them know about CTM so that they can sign up and start using the platform.

Just by booking your courses through CTM you will have access to powerful analytics that will help support smarter and more informed training management by improving forecasting and budget control, as well as matching missing or expiring worker accreditations against available training courses.
Step 1:

First register your company details, whether you are a sponsor organisation or a training provider. Simply provide basic company information and accept our Terms of Use. Training Providers will also need to supply invoicing details.
Step 2:

Sponsor Organisations: Once registered, you can add worker data and start tracking their competencies immediately, free of charge. There is no limit to the number of workers you can track or competencies you can add.
Training Providers: Once registered, you can add courses and begin taking enquiries immediately. A small referral fee is only payable once your course has been delivered.
At CTM, we are 100% committed to protecting our customers' personal data. During development of the product, we have rigorously followed core GDPR concepts such as Privacy by Design and all development has been overseen by our data protection experts. The Privacy Notice document details how we handle your personal data.
The platform allows you to export your training matrix to an excel spreadsheet. Once this has been done, you can share the data with their new employer. Please see user manuals for more details on how to do this. Additionally, please contact if you would like to submit a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). This will allow you to see what data of yours that we hold.
The training provider can upload an accrediting body to the system by inserting their name and logo. Upon doing so, the training provider can associate the accrediting body to their courses.

It’s the responsibility of the training provider to ensure that the information uploaded is verified.

Please refer to the user manuals for further guidance if needed.
As a sponsor organisation, you can create an internal framework of qualifications that are not provided by an external Training Provider. However, if your qualifications are provided externally but do not exist in our list, it is better to suggest a qualification for us to add to our global list; this allows us to automatically update the results received from a course and no longer show a qualification as “expiring”. The benefit of this is that it will allow you to track the internal compliance of the employees in your organisation.
You are able to export your training matrix to an excel spreadsheet on the platform - please see our user manuals. These can be found in the sidebar of the platform once you have logged in.
No, this is not currently a function of CTM, but feel free to contact us if you want to speak about any requirements you have – we’re always happy to see what functionality could be valuable to users.
We are regularly checking the currency and accuracy of accreditations on CTM. There is also a ‘suggest qualification’ function within the platform - please see our user manuals. These can be found in the sidebar of the platform once you have logged in.
If you have forgotten your password, please click the ‘forgot my password’ link on the platform login page.
Firstly, please check your junk folder. If the email is not in junk and you are not able to re-register, please consult your company administrator. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our technical support number on 0330 678 1503.
Firstly, please consult your company administrator. If you still don’t know why your account has been deactivated, please contact our technical support number on 0330 678 1503.
To remove all your data from CTM, please contact
A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is a written request to access any Personal Identifiable Information that we hold about a particular individual. To submit a DSAR, please contact We are not the data controller, so we only collect information that is entered into the system by users.

For more information about how we use your data, please refer to the Privacy Notice.
CTM is compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Please contact us via if you have different browser requirements and we will try to accommodate.