Sopra Steria joins rail’s digital revolution with a simple competency management solution

It is an exciting time for the UK rail industry with plenty of major projects in the pipeline such as Great North Rail, Crossrail and East West Rail. Innovative digital solutions are positively impacting UK rail users with seamless online booking processes and cheaper, more reliable travel. With technological developments and a complex regulatory environment to navigate, employers need a fast and simple competency management solution. Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital services, have created a platform that offers exactly that with their Competency Training MarketplaceTM (CTM)

An effective solution 

Did you know that a recent survey* showed 75% of employers feel their existing competency management tools could be improved by an integrated marketplace? CTM is an easy-to-use, one-stop platform which enables organisations to book and manage workforce training all in one place. 

The platform creates stronger connections between training providers and employers with a  marketplace full of industry-accredited training providers offering a number of essential qualifications from Person Track Safety (PTS) to Strategic Safety Management Programmes and more. For ease, the price, location and date filters reduce huge amounts of admin time previously spent browsing search engines to find the same results. 

CTM’s in-built project planning and forecasting tools shows which staff are sufficiently qualified for upcoming projects and which employees have imminently expiring qualifications – useful for those managing many projects at one time. If a qualification is expiring users will be alerted via email and the integrated marketplace ensures a seamless booking experience for the necessary training. The skills gap analysis tool can quickly and visually demonstrate which training is needed by employees to work on a project. 

Regulatory compliance may seem daunting, but with integrated technology like CTM it is easy to demonstrate effective staff compliance when pitching for bids and undertaking audits. 

Adopted by the industry 

It is no surprise that many organisations are now looking at how they digitalise processes to meet demands and improve efficiencies. Trawling search engines for suitable courses and juggling multiple spreadsheets can cause significant administrative headaches, which are prone to mistakes – leading to potential project delays and missed opportunities. CTM is quickly becoming an essential tool in the rail industry, with organisations like Arcadis, Costain and AHL Resourcing Solutions joining over the past 12 months. 

Emma Hughes of Costain, said: “CTM will have a hugely positive impact for both large and small businesses alike. CTM’s ability to mark out training and provide expiration reminders, all whilst removing the task of finding providers to deliver training, is incomparable to our previous processes.”  

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