Training Providers

Enjoy unique insights into sponsor organisations’ training requirements to enhance business development and boost sales

Competency Training Marketplace™ (CTM) provides rich management information of organisations’ anonymised training requirements. Training providers can access a detailed dashboard and see which training courses are most in demand, when and where the hotspots for different courses are across the country. This allows you to optimise promotions, proactively plan your schedules and sell more courses.


With CTM, you can:

  • advertise your courses nationwide at zero cost
  • manage all customer enquiries easily and efficiently on a single platform and in in real time
  • reduce manual processes and save on administrative costs
  • generate repeat order business
  • fill remaining course spaces and advertise ‘last-minute’ deals
  • develop and tailor courses to meet customer requirements based on advanced insights
  • boost your sales pipeline
  • highly competitive 5% referral fees
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How to sign up... three easy steps


Register details

First register your company details, whether you are a sponsor organisation or a training provider.

Simply provide basic company information and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Training Providers will also need to supply invoicing details.

Add information

Sponsor Organisations: Once registered, you can add worker data and start tracking their competencies immediately, free of charge. There is no limit to the number of workers you can track or competencies you can add.

Training Providers: Once registered, you can add courses and begin taking enquiries immediately. A small referral fee is only payable once your course has been booked as per the Terms and Conditions.

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“(CTM) has the potential to deliver a step change in how training providers connect with employers. It poses to simplify and streamline the training procurement process and deliver clear benefits for employers and training providers alike."

Ian Pretty, CEO of Collab Group

“CTM allows me to maintain and have full visibility over my workforces accreditations and training needs. The website links me directly to a marketplace where I can easily search and book the training courses we need. The system lets me keep track of my workforce’s competencies and this makes it easy to provide details to our auditors and customers."

Mike Andrews, Director, DWG Infraco Ltd